Indian Flush (Teen Patti) at Pokermatch

Teen Patti s a famous Indian card game that's a bit like three-card stud poker. The online casino Pokermatch appeared on the Indian market and immediately introduced gamers to an arsenal of familiar entertainment to attract interested users to the community. Get ready for unbelievable gambling, extreme excitement, and a successful time.

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Get to know the game

The goal of Indian Flush is to make the biggest ranked combination of all participants with three cards only. Also, is to maximize the pot or prize pool for the biggest winnings.

Learn to play Teen Patti

It starts when all players place an initial bet in the 'bottle' or prize pool. The croupier then deals 3 cards each to all gamers, 1 shirt down. Gamers have an option of playing as the 'Visible' or 'Blind'. The first one can see their cards, while the second can’t look at them until they want to change position.

The online game is going on until 1 or 2 gamers stay in touch with the hidden cards. While opening, or as it is called, the show, the cards are compared and the top combination is deemed to be the winning one.

The main rules

The dealer gives the contestant 3 cards face down. Users select roles: 'Visible' to see the cards or 'Blind' which is the opposite. However, on any round, people can change their mind and show cards.

The participants make bets. "Visible" has to make twice the minimum bet at the table.

Gamers are obliged to bet until the following events occur:

  • One user has discarded cards, then the last one to go wins the round. .
  • Two gamers lose. In this case, one of them must declare a show and reveal both cards he has
  • It has to be 2 gamers at the table to start to show.
  • When the show takes place, both players open their cards. The player with the biggest card combination wins the round. If there is a tie between the players, the player you called the show loses.
  • When it is your turn, you can ask the player who bet directly in front of you to conduct the interlude.
  • This request can be accepted or rejected by the player without any additional consequences forit's your turn, you can request the player who made the bet the entire game.
  • If the offer is accepted, the 2 players compare their cards and the one with the lower-ranked combination must discard their cards. The user with the higher combination continues.
  • If the value of two players' cards during the interlude is the same, the gambler announcing the interlude must discard his cards.
  • If the value of two players' cards during the interlude is the same, the player announcing the interlude must discard his cards.

Hand ranking

Teen Patti online game has a special classification that helps to understand the winner:

  • Trail – the best union, which consists of three cards with similar rank or value.
  • Straight flush – 3 cards in a row of the same suit. In particular, from 9 to J spades.
  • Street – three cards in a chain of any suit.
  • Flush – three cards of the same suit in any order.
  • Pair – 2 cards of the same rank and one card in hand. For example, a user has a 9,9, and an ace or 5,5,8, etc.
  • The best card situation happens when gamers have no card chain, and no similar suit. Users have to choose the biggest card significance and find the winner.

The trading

Tin-Patti starts at the player seated to the left of the dealer and then clockwise. The stakes depend on the gamers' role. The one playing on the open bets 2 ante. Participants who played blind – 1 ante. If he wants to open his cards, the role at the table changes. The initial gamble must then be increased.

Rules for autopsy

Opening cards or shows can only take place when the last two competitors at the table are present. The stakes for both competitors must be equalized:

  • If both contestants have viewed the cards, either of them can open by doubling the bet.
  • If one gamer offers to reveal cards to the other, he can accept or refuse – this won’t affect the process.
  • When the hand combinations are equal, the one who offered to reveal will lose.

Providers for Live Teen Patti in Pokermatch

The popular Pokermatch online casino game is available in several versions from leading gambling providers:

  • Ezugi's game is in a classic design studio with authentic Indian style. RTP is 97,39%.
  • Game by provider Vivo Gaming with professional providers, quality streaming and high odds.
  • Evolution Gaming's Live Teen Patti is set in a studio that’s tweaked in Indian style. The dealer speaks Hindi because it’s designed specifically for the locals.

Bonuses valid for Teen Patti at Pokermatch

The Pokermatch online casino gives all beginners a welcome bonus that can be redeemed straight away in the Teen-Patti live game.

Betting with real money

Registration is the only way to play Live games with a professional dealer. There is no demo version. That’s why users have to learn all the rules, register, and start betting for real money.

Pokermatch registration

Registered players get more opportunities at Pokermatch online casinos. Registration takes about 5 minutes:

  • enter a valid e-mail address or phone number;
  • think about username and password, preferably making a unique one only for the PokerMatch;
  • choose a payment system for depositing and withdrawing money;
  • start your gambling.

Pokermatch deposit ways

In the top right-hand corner of the official casino website is the 'Cashier' section, where stakes and withdrawals are made. What methods are available:

  • Visa/Mastercard credits;
  • ecoPayz, Piastrix, Skrill, Neteller, AdvCash e-wallets;
  • cryptocurrency wallets: Bitcoin, Cash Bitcoin, Etherium, Litecoin, Tether ERC20,Tether TRC20;
  • recharge via mobile operators will soon be available in India.

Teen Patti tactics

Learn more about tactical secrets that can help to play online:

  • ‘Blind’ gamers always hide their cards. So it’s better to keep sticks low.
  • ‘Visible’ one may ask about an interlude. In this situation, you need to place a bet and ask for an interlude with a participant who makes the last stick. It’ll allow you to see personal cards. Later you can use this trick when it’ll be a reason and strong cards.
  • Pack or Fold are great ideas if you’re unsure of your luck.

How to help the beginners

A newcomer to Teen Patti's online live dealer games needs to know the rules perfectly and recognize the combinations. This is the key to success and huge winnings. It’s always advisable to start with low bets on dissimilar positions to get a handle on the game.

In conclusion

Pokermatch online casino has only recently emerged in India, but thanks to its famous game among local gamers, it’s gaining momentum. The platform now features a variety of live dealer Tin-Party variants, so no one will be bored. Practice, try your luck at gambling for real money. Remember about the generous bonus program and other special offers that give users a lot of possibilities.


How to describe Teen Patti?

This is a well-liked card game in India. Gamers have to find a winning three-card combo.

Is it possible to play for free without registration?

No, the game opens only for registered players at Pokermatch who bet for real money.

How to begin Teen Patti in Pokermatch?

Register at the gambling platform, make a deposit, choose the Tin Patti option in the live casino section and start!

How to make a stake at Pokermatch?

Find "Cashier", select the top-up system and enter the funds.