JHandi Munda in Pokermatch

One of the popular games on the Indian market is the classic Jhandi Munda. It will enthral all Pokermatch customers with its graphics as well as its storyline. Let us tell you about its features and real-money betting opportunities at PokerMatch.

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More about Jhandy?

For all poker enthusiasts of the Indian atmosphere, she will be a 'must have'. Among audiences from different countries, it is known under similar names such as "Langur Burja" or "Crown and anchor". In practice, it is a game of dice betting that is guided by intrigue and luck. That's why Jhandi Munda is chosen as one of the 'favorites' by many players around the world.

For many, Jhandi is more than just another dice game. The developers have tried to lay down a traditional Indian flavor so that you can get a feel for the atmosphere of the Indian streets there.

You don't need any baggage of practice or an elaborate strategy to win a round. You only need to read the rules superficially and immediately make the desired bets.

How to play Jhandi Munda

Jhandi is one of the quickest and easiest games to get to know. And in just a few minutes, even a newbie will be ready to place their first bet. After all, its main aspects are as simple as possible.

The valuable tool is the six-game cubes. Jhandi is fast in its mechanics, so it uses six dice with the corresponding patterns: 4 card symbols (cheers, clubs, spades, diamonds), with the addition of a flag and crown on the edge. The player will have access to all 6 sides of the dice, but should only choose one. Only after the bet is made will the rolling process begin.

Jhandi is all about intuition and luck: it's worth guessing which side of the dice will fall up. You can follow the process of shuffling the dice, but the final outcome will depend on two factors: chance and luck.

The speed of the round in Jhandi Munda. Because the rules and mechanics are simple, the game will go by pretty fast, and you won't notice how you start round after round. Most of them end within a short time. The main task is to guess which symbol will appear facing the player.

Jhandi Munda Rules

As far as the classic rules of Jhandi Munda are concerned, they are quick and easy to get acquainted with. Among them are:

  • - The user makes a cash deposit on the picture, which has to fall out with the picture facing up;
  • - The system, instead of the dealer, rolls the dice only after everyone has placed their bets;
  • - If no picture symbol turns out to be the one that represents the player's winning bet, he loses money;
  • - The winner is the person who collects the most symbols. Consequently, the withdrawal system when guessing a pair of symbols will count as follows:
  • 1 - x1
  • 2 - x2
  • 3 - x3
  • 4 - x4
  • 5 - x5
  • 6 - x6

Bonuses are valid for Jhandi Munda at Pokermatch

Our customers know how much we love bonuses. So for games too, PokerMatch online casino will be offering the chance for extra winning bonuses. You can use the already classic for the platform deposit bonus – the "First Deposit Bonus".

The purpose of this bonus is to encourage the player to start playing as soon as possible; to give the player certain starting equity so he or she can compete, and to encourage the player to keep up with regular bonus updates. Among the possible options for the first deposit, bonuses are instant and unlockable winnings.

Play Jhandi Munda Live for real money

Betting for real money guarantees intense emotions. That's why it's a hot recommendation to join the game with real money bets. The casino gives you the option of easy betting for real money. After all, the real struggle begins when winning is truly desirable and valuable.

By playing the Jhandi Munda luck game, you can not only get your bet back quite easily but also increase it several times over. From x2 to x6 just from guessing the die symbol that will fall with the pattern up. But even though Jhandy is relatively easy to use, it will find ways to pique your curiosity.

The system requires attention and self-control. So that pleasant and easy leisure time activities don't turn into a terrible addiction. To do this, we recommend that you set appropriate limits for each bet, and not chase high limits. Because such small bets can bring good practice and sharpen your dice analysis skills. In addition, setting specific limits will help you stop in time to start playing the next time, rather than losing all your money in one go. In order for the game to pay off, it's best to play more frequently and carefully.

Signing up for Pokermatch

In order to start your desired rounds of Jhandi Munda, you need to pre-register and create an account on Pokermatch. Here are the step-by-step instructions for the scheme:

  • To do so, use the official pokermatch.com website or the installed app;
  • Find the "Registration" tab and click.
  • Next - enter your personal data: day, month, and year of birth; email; login; password and you should choose the desired currency of payment You can play in the casino with Indian rupees
  • press "register" and confirm your e-mail. This will enable you to withdraw your winnings and get additional deposit bonuses;
  • Once confirmed, you will form your game page, where you will manage your game limit and other settings options.

Pokermatch deposit methods

The Pokermatch platform is player-focused as much as possible, so it provides the option of depositing from a variety of sources. To do this, select one of the available payment methods in the Cashier section and follow certain steps:

Visa/MasterCard cards indicate the amount of payment and: - card number; - expiry date of the card; - owner;; - CVV2/CVC2 code;
NETELLER enter payment amount; and - login; - password (for login);
Skrill enter payment amount and: login; password (login); Skrill - login; - password (to log in);
ecoPayz enter payment amount and: login; password (login); ecoPayz: - login; - password; - press "Login";
AdvCash specify the payment amount and: - for authorization - email; - password; - choose an e-wallet;
Piastrix specify payment amount;
Bitcoin/Litecoin/Etherium/Cash Bitcoin/Tether ERC20/Tether TRC20 (detailed step-by-step instructions on Pokermatch website)

After entering the required amount, you should press the "Deposit" button and wait. Whichever way you choose to top up, the money will come into your account within seconds.

The JHandi Munda strategy in Live Casino

Due to its focus on luck (we don't know which dice will roll), it does not require any strategy to increase the odds of winning. Therefore, even a player without much experience has every chance of getting an x6 winning bet. The main thing the game requires is to have fun in the process.

However, some tips on how to minimize losses are provided – they will be quite helpful in the process. The main thing is observation. The field often shows the "hot" and "cold" sides of the dice, the most, and the least frequently rolled. Consequently, betting on the 'hot sides' can later win. Thus, it becomes possible to calculate what the next side of the die might be. Also keep in mind the Flag symbol, which can fall twice on different dice and return the initial money with double the amount.

Tips for beginners: If no clear tips are required for Jhandi, a strategy can be offered to limit your losses.

For those new to the platform, we recommend starting with small limits. These will give you the practice and familiarise you with the mechanics, allowing you to observe the dice symbols to determine the hot and cold sides.

Jhandi Munda's initial winning odds are really high, but it all depends on attention and luck. Attention will be on learning the symbols and luck will be on getting all six symbols, increasing the initial bet by 6 times.

We also recommend keeping track of how many rounds you've already played. Jhandi is fast, so you can go from playing 2 rounds to playing 15, so it's advisable to set a personal limit so that your time in Jhandi is healthy, and not too addictive.

And lastly, play a quality game on quality platforms. Joining Jhandi from a casino with a bad reputation can affect your winnings, which can be 'tampered with. That's why PokerMatch Casino is responsible for its honesty and transparency and ensures that every win or loss you make depends only on your own abilities.

In conclusion

Jhandi is beyond words an interesting and colourful platform that bases its functionality on the luck of the symbols and the logic of calculating hot sides. It's atmospheric, engaging, fast, and quite unpredictable. Perhaps that's why it has formed such a large community with a general Jhandi fascination. So if you haven't checked it out yet, you are advised to do so quickly. Jhandi is waiting to take up a "shelf of interest" in your gaming history.


What is Jhandi Munda?

It's a modern and popular dice betting system that functions on the mechanics of real betting. The idea is to guess a pattern that will roll face up. The dealer starts spinning the dice for a combination and spreads the winnings or picks up the losses. One should make as big a combination of drawings as possible because it will bring the highest winning amount (from 4 drawings the amount will increase by x4).

Can I play Jhandi Munda for free and without registration?

If you wish to join the full Jhandi Munda experience, with access to depositing and withdrawing your winnings, you will need to sign up for a PokerMatch account and then make your first cash deposit. But still, for the first acquaintance with Jhandi's functionality, there is an open demo version of it available.

How do I start playing Jhandi Munda in Pokermatch?

In order to start playing the game, you need to register in Pokermatch, make your first deposit, find Jhandi Munda among the offered variants, and click on "Play".

How do I make a deposit into my Pokermatch account?

To make a deposit, find the "Cashier" tab and click on "Deposit". The system will give you a choice of deposit methods – bank cards Visa/MasterCard; e-wallets Neteller, ecoPayz, Skrill, Advcash, and Perfect money or cryptocurrency deposit Bitcoin, Ether Litecoin. Choose one of the methods, log in to the system, choose the amount you want to deposit, and click "Deposit". And in a moment the chosen amount will appear on the game page.