Andar Bahar: start playing online at Pokermatch

The famous Indian card game Andar Bahar is already on the official website of the online casino Pokermatch. A gaming platform just opened in India and decided to offer the most remarkable games for locals. Famous Andar Bahar is among them. Check the catalog, learn more about amazing games, and become a super player.

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What is this game about?

Andar Bahar is native to South Asia, in particular India. Thanks to its simple rules, a lot of gamblers across the country paid attention to it, plus it has an online format. Chances to win are 50/50, both player and croupier go head-to-head.

How to describe Andar Bachar?

The live option is available for the Andar Bahar on Pokermatch. Online professional croupier broadcasting from the special room studio. The gamer bets online, wins or lose while watching the dealer in front of the screen. This technology helps to create an immersive experience as if it was in real life offline. So the interest in online casino rises and motivates players to visit games every day.

Let’s start to play Andar Bachar

The game has three sectors: on the left side you will find the andar, the joker is located in the center, and the bahar on the right. The main task for players is to predict the side of the card that matches the joker. The chances to win are 50/50, which is why it's more fascinating. It’s a great opportunity to try your own luck!

To play with bets on real money, it is necessary to pass the registration. If you know all the rules, you always can have good winnings.

Andar Bahar Rules

How to play Andar Bahar online:

  • The croupier picks one card from the deck and puts it in the center. Now it’s a joker.
  • The gamer bets which side the winning card will end up on.
  • Cards are dealt on both sides until a card of the same face value as the joker appears.
  • Then it continues, the dealer shuffles cards and users make bets again.

Payments at Pokermatch

After registering, you should pick payment systems:

  • credits (Visa or Mastercard);
  • online wallets like, ecoPayz, Skrill AdvCash, Piastrix, Neteller;
  • cryptocurrencies Bitcoin, Litecoin, Cash Bitcoin, Etherium, Tether ERC20,Tether TRC20.

There's a top-up option via mobile operators, not yet available in India but coming soon.

Providers for live game in Pokermatch

Online casino features the best gambling companies:

  • Game by Evolution Gaming with an authentic Asian design. Online Andar Bahar has randomly applied additional bet multipliers for more excitement and winning chances up to an incredible, x4000!
  • Ezugi's Andar Bahar isn’t just a classic casino. It has 8 extra bets and can engage players without limits.
  • Popular Indian game from cult company Pragmatic Play. It consists of 2 main bets with one special edition, an RTP is 93-97,85%.

Bonus program

The online game at Pokermatch Casino is generous with bonuses. After registration, participants try the game for the first time and get their welcome bonus.

With regular gameplay, users accumulate winning and losing games. The latter are converted into cashback – a percentage of unsuccessful bets is returned in the form of a small bonus.

Play Andara Bahara Live for real money

Live gambling with real money bets is only possible for registered users. When they open the main website, they have to make a deposit or just check if it’s normal, learn the rules, and start betting with real money.

Andar BAHAR payouts, extra stakes, advantage

Inform yourself about important basics that could help gamers to win more.


The game has simple rules, but they require the participant's special attention. Firstly, the correct bet and victory depend on the color of the first card, this immediately sets the mood. Secondly, another control factor is the draw side of Andar or Bachar. The user can receive 90% winning if the winning card appears on the first card side. If it is the opposite, gamers can win 100%.

Additional rates

These include 2 options of Andar Bahar online betting:

  • on a particular suit of cards;
  • by a higher/lower number that was set in the beginning.


The standard RTP is near 97%, with the highest size reaching 98%.

Edge of the house

First and foremost is the opportunity to win real money. In This is the in-game name for Andar's house and Bachar's house, both of which can be used to maximize profits. Each has its own advantages.

An Andar's House with a payout of 0.8-1.0 will give the gamer +5% of the wager. With a payout of 0.9-1.0, users can claim a 2% advantage.

In the House of Bahar, the gamer will benefit from up to 5% with a payout margin of 0.9 -1.0 and 3% with a payout of 1.0-1.0.

Andar Bahar strategy

In this game, it’s hard to build workable tactics. Good luck and gamers attention are key for winning. The chances are always fifty-fifty.

Tips for new gamers

The most obvious tip is to learn the rules, cards and bets. Later, when you read this information attentively, you can pick a table and begin your fun journey.

Pick the correct game option

Different providers offer their own series of Andar Bahar. Globally, they don't differ in any way other than the design of the studio from which the broadcast is broadcast, the croupiers and specific features such as multipliers.

Placing smart bets

Main stakes: on Andar or Bachar. Extra: on the card color, a higher/lower number, than the number set at the start.

Tips for advanced gamers

While beginners usually try to get a handle on standard bets, advanced gamers aren’t afraid to make extra ones, if the risk is worth it. Some experienced users focus on martingale tactics, which are based on increasing bets. It applies more to traditional card gambling, but in Indian Andara Bahara can also be tested.

In conclusion

The Indian card game Andar Bahar has been familiar to us since our childhood. Before the advent of the internet, people played it on the streets, it had character and real excitement. With the advent of the game in the online space, those very young gamers have come to test their luck and earn big winnings. If you ever heard about this game, try it on air, feel the atmosphere of the gaming studio, become a lucky winner!


How to describe the game?

It's a well-known Indian card game. At the beginning, the dealer draws one card from the deck and places it in the center - the joker. The gamer's task is to guess a card that matches the dealer's card.

Is it possible to play Andar Bahar for free and without registration?

No, the game on the official website is only available to registered gamers who wager for real money.

How to play the game in Pokermatch?

It's very easy! Register at the Pokermatch, make a deposit, read the rules of the game and go on!

How to make a deposit at Pokermatch?

Financial transactions are made in the Cashier section of the Pokermatch website's main menu.​​