Abiramam, Kamuthi area

Area name: Abiramam, Kamuthi
City: Abiramam
Pin Code Number: 623601

Abiramam, Kamuthi is an area, street locality located in the city Abiramam.

Pin code Number is 623601 for the place called as Abiramam, Kamuthi in the city of Abiramam.

The following is few of the list of Industries, companies, shops, commercial establishments and office..etc located in the Abiramam, Kamuthi area, Abiramam.

The following post offices are located in this locality:

Abiramam, Kamuthi Address List

Kanna Medicals
Sri Murugan Medicals
Abiramam Post Office
Somu Printing House
Chitra Computer Printing Press
Sindhu Computer Centre
Shanmuga Electricals
Sathish Electricals
PTMTM College
Government Hospital

Abiramam, KamuthiStreets List

Abiramam, 623601
Abiramam, North Arcot, 623601
Anjukiramam, 623601
Bairamaguda, 623601
Beramaguda, 623601
Kiragudi, 623601
Paramakudi Tamil Nadu, 623601
Parmakudi, 623601
Poosalagudi, 623601
Ramanathapuram Paramkodi, 623601

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